Dog Boarding Services


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Planning for your next holiday or vacation is truly exciting. You start taking note of where to go and what to bring. But during this wonderful moment with your family, you might have to leave your pet behind. Although you don't want to leave them, but this might be the only thing left to do especially when hotels don't allow pets inside their premises. You feel so guilty for leaving your dog. How can you make it well for your furry family. Finding a good place for your pet to stay is the least thing you can do. Fortunately, there are several dog boarding services you can choose from. Choose Dog Sitting Albuquerque where your pet is comfortable and secured until you come home.

Several factors are to be considered when finding the best boarding service.

1. Visit the Dog Boarding Facility

It's very essential that you spend time to tour around the facility. This is the best way for you to determine whether the place is accommodating for your pet's specific needs. The factors to carefully check are the shelters, open spaces, fencing, feeding rooms, security, cleanliness, and overall environment. Be observant and take down notes of everything. With these, you can come up with an informed decision.

2. Check the Availability of Veterinary Service

During your visit to the facility, you should ask if veterinary services are available. Good boarding facilities have veterinarians on call. So when emergencies happen, they simply contact the veterinarians for a quick response. Make sure the facility has all the emergency contact information before leaving your dog. You don't want to worry a lot when you're in front of white sandy beaches.

3. Know the Kind of Services Offered

Take note that a dog boarding facility has different services offered. Before you leave your furry family in the facility, educate yourself about the different services available. Do they offer grooming services? What special or extra services they can offer? Once you already know the kind of services offered, start to choose the ones that are beneficial to your pet.

4. Ask About Their Safety and Health Requirements

Even if your dog is healthy, you can't be sure of the other pets that stay there. The last thing that you would want to happen is learn your dog is sick after leaving it in the facility. Know about their health programs, as well as how they manage sick dogs. In case your pet has a medication, be sure to inform the dog boarding about this so they can attend to your pet's special needs. For treatments and vaccinations, be sure that they're administered by a professional veterinarian.

5. Identify the Customer Support

It's very essential that the dog boarding facility have well-trained staffs who have a clear and full understanding of the pets' needs. You can go to their website and see their contact details. You check how fast they respond to you by contacting them on social media. You will know if the facility is serious with their job when they get back to you quickly and properly.